Dennis Miller on Kanye: “In AA They Would Call This Hitting Bottom”

"I saw him swiggin' Hennessy"

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Acerbic funny man Dennis Miller used an appearance in Chicago Thursday to critique Kanye West's now-infamous interruption of Taylor Swift.

"I don't know if he's a drinker or not, but in AA they would call this hittin' bottom," Miller said to NBC's Marion Brooks at Gibson's Steakhouse, where he was helping to raise money for USA Cares, which helps military families in needs.

"I saw him swiggin' Hennessy. I don't know if he's a drinker or not ... ," Miller said. "If you don't home that night and think 'jeez what has happened to me?! ..."

Miller also waxed vitriolic on other public figures who've embarrassed themselves recently, including Serena Williams, who Miller said has probably grew up in a "bubble."

"These kids go into a bubble from age 12 on," said Miller. "When you get dumped out at 26 and you still think the sun rises and sets on your behind ..."

He trailed off, on his face an expression of disgust.

But per usual, Miller saved his best lines for the political establishment.

Asked about Joe Wilson's outburst during Obama's health care speech last week, Miller said he was just clamoring for attention.

"To me, politicians are guys who never mastered a musical instrument and weren't good in sports.

"Going to the capital was, quite frankly, their last chance to get laid."

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