Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Daniel Biss Releases New Digital Ad

A new digital ad in the Democratic governor's campaign pokes fun at the wealthy candidates in the race called "Big Spending Billionaire Syndrome."

State Sen. Dan Biss says it's time to level the playing field as he faces billionaire JB Pritzker and millionaire Chris Kennedy.

Neither Kennedy nor Pritzker have released their income taxes yet.

"If you're tired of all the BS, BS, than Daniel Biss is for you" is the new ad's message.

The big spending doesn't stop in the Democratic campaign, however.

With more than a year to go until Election Day, the race has already crossed an expensive threshold. 

As of mid-October, the seven candidates in the race reported a combined $104,370,831.18 in contributions over the past year, with a majority of that funding coming from the pockets of the two wealthiest candidates themselves - including Pritzker.

With an estimated net worth of $3.4 billion, the venture capitalist and Hyatt hotel heir is listed as the fifth richest person in Illinois, according to Forbes.

Shortly after launching his campaign, the longtime Democratic fundraiser poured a $7 million dollar contribution of his own into his political fund – a donation he has repeated three more times, every two months since.

Kennedy has also turned to his own personal wealth to fund his campaign, in part, most recently cutting his committee a $250,000 check on Sept. 29, nearly six months to the day after his first $250,100 contribution in March.

Since announcing his run in February, Kennedy has raised $2,771,081.95, a figure similar to Biss.

Unlike Pritzker and Kennedy, Biss had an active campaign committee formed prior to announcing his gubernatorial run thanks to his time in the legislature. Since the reporting period in which he threw his hat in the ring, Biss has raised a total of $2,168,884.42, and has yet to reach into his own personal bank account, according to the State Board of Elections.

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