Democratic Frontrunners Encourage Supporters Day Before Election

The Democratic race for Illinois governor is down to the wire -- how will the undecideds break?

In 2016 Illinois voters nearly chose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton -- so we're hearing over and over Monday -- an appeal to progressives.

Chuy Garcia told supporters not to waste their votes.

"Don't vote for Daniel Biss, vote for Chris Kennedy," he told supporters Monday night.

The Kennedy election-eve rally focused on JB Pritzker's record spending of nearly $70 million.

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"There's so much money spent in this election, $70 million from one candidate, and the more they learn about it him the less they like him," Kennedy said of Prtizker.

Daniel Biss's final message: ignore the money and choose the middle class state senator.

"When the people of Illinois are choosing between inexperienced, wealthy business men trying to buy an office, and an actual middle class progressive who believes in real justice--that is not a hard choice," he said.

In a break with tradition, Pritzker skipped Chicago on election eve and wrapped up his campaign in Springfield. He's the only one with a ground game in all 102 counties.

"Are you read for the fight?" he asked his supporters. "Get out and vote!"

Heading into Election Day, with polls showing nearly 20 percent undecided, frontrunner Pritzker is feeling the heat.

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