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DeKalb County soccer team offers incredible Lionel Messi-based promotion

Messi has already scored 10 goals for Inter Miami CF this season

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Inter Miami CF superstar Lionel Messi has been tearing up Major League Soccer this season, with 10 goals already to his credit, but with dizzying ticket prices to see the legendary talent, a local soccer club is going the opposite direction.

DeKalb County United, who will host their first home game of the Midwest Premier League season on June 8 against Chicago House, has made a special ticket offer to their fans if Messi ends up making the trip out to Northern Illinois University this summer.

 The team announced that if Messi attends a game, anyone who has purchased a ticket will be refunded their purchase price and will get to enjoy the match for free.

“Other clubs may exploit Messmania to increase prices, but not us,” the team said. “We promise: if Lionel Messi comes to any DKCU game, anyone who bought a ticket in advance gets in FREE!”

The team was quick to point out that Messi isn’t currently scheduled to attend any matches this season, but one should never rule out the quick trip down Interstate 88 for a game at NIU.

DeKalb County United is a member of the Midwest Premier League, a collection of amateur and semipro soccer teams around the Midwest. The club runs both men’s and women’s teams, and plays its home matches at NIU’s campus.

General admission tickets start at $5, and can be purchased on the team’s website.

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