Deerfield Girl Raises Money for Children's Hospital with Homemade Coasters

An 8-year-old is using her quarantine project to hopefully donate $500 to Lurie Children's Hospital.

A suburban Deerfield third grader started crafting with beads as a fun hobby while staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, Ruby Goldkind, 8, is raising money for children in need with the beverage coasters she created.

"I wanted to help sick people, care for them and raise money to get the tools they need," said Goldkind, the founder of the recently-formed "Ruby's Tasty Treat Coasters."

Half of all proceeds raised go toward Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago.

Ruby Goldkind, 8, is raising money for a local children's hospital with beverage coasters she created.

Goldkind started creating coasters shaped like doughnuts, candy and cookies. Her mother, Andrea, and 5-year-old brother, Lennon, have also joined in on the project as they've received more orders than expected.

Each coaster can be ordered on Facebook or through an online order form. Prices range from $2 to $5 with different shapes including soccer balls, fruit and even Bernie Sanders and his mittens. The family is also taking suggestions for other creations.

Although she doesn't have a set end-goal for the project, Ruby Goldkind said she would like to donate at least $500. So far, the 8-year-old and her family have made more than 200 coasters and donated $200.

Ruby Goldkind told NBC 5 it feels good to make a difference.

"I'm really proud that she's using her time to do something so special," her mother said. "'I'm very proud of her."

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