Hundreds of Dead Fish Wash Up in McKinley Park Lagoon

Hundreds of dead fish have washed up in the McKinley Park Lagoon this week, according to the Chicago Park District. 

City officials said the reason for the surge in deaths may be because the Southwest Side lagoon was drained last year by the Chicago Police Department after a woman’s remains were found in the water, which in turn killed off most of its oxygen producing plants. 

Chicago’s swing in temperatures also has made an impact, causing an increase in fish activity, further depleting the oxygen supply, officials said in a statement to the Chicago Tribune

“The warm spring has made the fish more active than they would normally be at this time of the year, causing an increased demand on the oxygen in the water," the statement said.

Park district officials are now pumping fresh water into the lagoon to help prevent more fish from dying. The city said it will continue to monitor the lagoon throughout the spring and eventually stock it with more fish.

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