Dax Shepard Has 1 Piece of Advice After Taking Polar Plunge in Chicago

There's one thing Dax Shepard wishes he knew before he charged into Lake Michigan waters this month. 

"When you run into water really fast you forget this," Shepard told Ellen DeGeneres Tuesday.

The "CHiPS" star said after seeing footage of his plunge, he realized he began kicking his legs to the side while running.

"As you run into water you’re really flying, your body takes over and you do something unconsciously because you don’t want to trip in the water because you’re going so fast."

Shepard was one of thousands of people to take the Chicago Polar Plunge, braving the frigid waters for a good cause.

Now in its 17th year, the annual event raises money to support athletes involved in Special Olympics Chicago.

Photos: Chicago Polar Plunge Makes a Splash

Shepard served as this year’s VIP, or "very important plunger." Starring in the upcoming action comedy "CHiPS," Shepard wore his uniform from the film reboot of the buddy cop television series to take the plunge. 

"I thought [my run] was going to look cool and it didn’t look cool," he said. "The police uniform didn’t even help."

Known for his roles in "Without a Paddle" and "Parenthood," the actor followed in the footsteps of fellow celebrity plungers like Jimmy Fallon, Vince Vaughn and Lady Gaga.

"You know, it raises a ton of money – I think they’ve raised a million and a half dollars already for Special Olympics – so it’s great to be a part of anything that raises that kind of money for a great cause," he told the crowd that gathered at the annual event.  

He later tweeted that he "survived," adding that it "was humbling to meet the awesome athletes and be a part of something so good." [[415427483, C]]

Celebrities and Chicagoans Make a Splash at the Polar Plunge

For the fourth year in a row, the Polar Plunge in Chicago broke its fundraising record, raising more than $1.53 million for the Special Olympics Chicago.

To learn more about Special Olympics Chicago or donate to the event, visit

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