David Schwimmer Teams Up With Chicago Officials on Sex Harassment

Within the last week Inspector General Joe Ferguson revealed two city employees had engaged in sexual harassment and both have lost their jobs.

A new campaign puts an emphasis not just on those harassed but also those who witness it.

Actor David Schwimmer is adding his voice -- to make others aware that sexual harassment is not acceptable.

Keep it in the public consciousness, and not just make it a headline that 'OK, them most high-profile cases have gone away, and we can move on to the next issue."

The Chicago City Council has added more training for city workers and elected officials. It comes as the inspector Ferguson reveals two city employees were recently removed after allegations of sexual harassment.

"We're seeing more, we're investigating more--unquestionably," he said.

Earlier this year political consultant Alaina Hampton filed a federal lawsuit naming Ald. Marty Quinn and House Speaker Mike Madigan for not doing enough when she complained of Quinn's brother Kevin's alleged harassment.

"The chips will fall where they may and the people will make a decision and there's no quarter that allows anybody not to speak up and be heard," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

New billboards will also promote speaking out when behavior is unacceptable.

"The link that's in every ad and in every PSA will provide tools, real tools, for employers and companies and CEOs to actually reform their work environments," Schwimmer said.

Not just city leaders: Madigan also addressed sexual harassment again Monday. That happened as he was once again elected chairman of the state Democratic Party.

"It really requires people to come forward and make the complaints so we can do the investigation and bring forward the results that actually say 'yeah, the problem actually is bigger than one case,'" Ferguson said.

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