Dating Site Claims Mentioning the Beach Could Help Chicago Singles Land a Date

Are you single and looking for love? Apparently, one word could be the answer to your dating problems.

Dating site Zoosk analyzed more than 600,000 online conversations in seven cities to determine which words were most likely to get a reply when asking someone out on a date, the Chicago Tribune reports.

In Chicago and several other cities, singles were most likely to suggest dinner, drinks or coffee. But the study reportedly found that Chicago singles who mentioned the beach were actually 7.2 times more likely to receive a reply than those who proposed more traditional date ideas.

The pattern was also seen in Denver, where beach date ideas were 5.2 times more likely to get a response. In Boston and Dallas, however, a dinner date was mostly likely to get a reply.

In nearby Indiana, asking someone out for drinks was 7.7 times more likely to get a response and mentioning the word coffee upped chances for a reply six times.

Does that mean that proposing a beach date with dinner, drinks and coffee is a guaranteed success? Singles will have to test it out and see. Might we suggest an upcoming Mumford and Sons concert at Montrose Beach?

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