Chicago Blackhawks

Dallas Stars Release Epic Video Announcing Tyler Seguin Extension

One of the Chicago Blackhawks’ biggest rivals just made a huge move in locking up one of their key players, and they unleashed an epic video to announce it.

The Dallas Stars made it official on Thursday morning, announcing that they had signed forward Tyler Seguin to an eight-year contract extension worth nearly $10 million per season. To celebrate, they put together an 8-bit hockey-inspired version of Super Mario Brothers, and they included the Blackhawks in the video’s opening frames:

In the video, Seguin is seen firing hockey pucks at a variety of team logos, including the Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild. At the end, Seguin defeats a goalie version of Mario baddie Bowser, and he receives the news that he has gotten his contract extension.

Seguin set a career high in goals scored last season as he netted 40 goals, and he also dished out 38 assists for the Stars.

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