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Daley Defends Weis



    Upset about speculation about his cabinet member's future, Mayor Daley dishes out kind words for the city's top cop. (Published Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010)

    Embattled Chicago PoliceSupt. Jody Weis on Thursday got a big boost of his tenure with the department.

    "This man came in and did the job that was necessary," said Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago's top cop.  "He’s done a very, very good job, and I’m very proud that I appointed him."

    Daley is on the defensive as he reflects on a cabinet member who's in the headlines almost as much he is.  For Weis, the kind words could not have come at a more critical time.

    The former career FBI agent is maligned by rank and file cops for not being one of them, for not hiring more of them, for his high salary, for his out-of-the-box crime fighting techniques and for surveillance cameras and sit-down meetings with gang leaders.

    "It's not about me," Weis said when asked about what Daley's exit means for his future as superintendent.  "It's about the city."

    Some reports suggest Weis would be on his way out with Daley leaving office in seven months.

    But with Daley's plea for the next mayor to consider keeping his cabinet members, Weis is already thinking about pitching a deal with his new boss.

    He proudly stands behind the stats: overall crime down despite a police force that's roughly 1,000 officers short and violent crime even lower than what it was a decade ago.  Daley also pointed out that the department has been void of big scandals.

    If there is a spring run-off in the mayor's race -- and no one can image that with the flood of candidates there won't be -- then Weis' contract will expire at about the same time a new mayor is sworn in.