Daley Stands Behind Embattled Weis

"He's done a tremendous job."

Mayor Daley is still confident in Police Superintendent Jody Weis, despite a recent "no confidence" vote from members of the Fraternity of Police.

"I supported Supt. Weis. He's done a tremendous job. He's a very good, honest superintendent. He has a difficult job. All superintendents have," Daley said. "He has great experience, great judgment."

Daley's reaction came a day after about 160 police officers voted at a meeting of the FOP to express their disapproval of the top cop, he performance and his contribution to low morale in the force. They cited a lack of manpower, cars, resources and what they say is poor support from their police leader, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday. 

The union is also in prolonged negotiations with the city for a new contract.

The newspaper report indicates that the "no confidence vote is symbolic only: Weis has a three-year, $310,000-a-year contract that began in February 2008."

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