Daley Seeks Investors for High-Speed Train

Mayor Daley will spend part of his trip to China trying to secure investors for a train traveling from downtown to O'Hare in 20 minutes

Imagine being able to get from O'Hare Airport to downtown Chicago in just 20 minutes. 

It's not as big of a pipe dream as you might think.

Mayor Richard Daley will spend part of his 12-day trip to China trying to secure private funding for a high-speed train that could do just that, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Daley and a delegation of civic and business leaders leave for China Friday, where they will tour five cities in hopes of luring more overseas investment to Chicago. 
The mayor says the fast train would be built without using city money, and be operated privately.  The price would be comparable to London where travelers pay $25 for an express train from Heathrow Airport.

City Hall also will start soliciting information from engineers, architects and builders to gauge interest in the idea when Daley returns from China March 30.

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