Daley Not Sold on Renaming Navy Pier

Sale proceeds would help pay off debt and try to lure new trade shows


Mayor Daley refuses to consider renaming Navy Pier for much-needed no matter how much revenue it could bring.

"It's called Navy Pier. You try to change Navy Pier?," said Daley. "[It's] Dedicated to the men and women who gave service in the Navy. That's very, very difficult."

Daley was reacting to an Illinois General Assembly debate whether to give the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, or McPier, the greenlight to sell its facilities' naming rights, the Tribune reports.

Under their plan 75-percent of the sale would pay off the agency's expansion bonds, and the other 25-percent would be poured into a fund to lure new trade shows to the city.

But Daley isn't interested in a [insert company name here] Pier.

The lakefront destination was originally called Municipal Pier. In 1927, it was renamed to honor World War I Navy veterans.

Eighty-three years later, Navy Pier could take on a whole new moniker if Springfield lawmakers approve the plan in a vote expected Friday.

But what's the big hubbub?

Chicago, the city of that works, has witnessed its icons lose their identity.

Think Willis Tower, U.S Cellular Field.

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