Daley: Don't Question Scott's Death

Mayor Daley told reporters that they shouldn't expect to find answers in the Michael Scott's apparent suicide.

"It'd be a great disservice for all of us to start questioning why he did it or what happened," the mayor said at the Central West Regional Senior Service Center today, after announcing new census iniatives.

Daley choked back tears as he spoke about his dear friend, saying Scott was "like part of my family,” and his most dependable associate.

And while the mayor agreed with a chorus of voices who say that Scott is not the type of man who would have killed himself, he said the School Board Chief’s death would likely remain a mystery. 

"You are right," he said. "This is not Michael. But you know people when unfortunately suicide has taken place. It's not who you think they are. It's something that we don't know why. I wish we could find out. It's a very serious illness that takes over people."

Daley told reporters, however, that police detectives will continue working on the case until “nothing is left on the table.”

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