Jon Stewart: Aaron Schock Will Be “Baddest Ass” in Prison

For the second time in as many months, "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart poked fun at former Rep. Aaron Schock, the Illinois congressman who has resigned after weeks of questions about inappropriate spending.

In his statement earlier this week, Schock said the repeated questions had become a "distraction" to his work representing the people of his district.

"Really?!" Stewart asked. "The constant scandal questions are too much of a distraction? Not the zip-lining through a rainforest or parasailing in Argentina or chilling with Buddhist monks in Myanmar? You served three terms in Congress while apparently also competing on 'The Amazing Race.'"

Though the 33-year-old Schock is under investigation for impropriety, he hasn't been formally accused of any crime. And the clean-cut congressman has his family offering support -- or does he?

"In 10 years -- whatever he’s doing -- he’ll be successful. I promise you that," Schock's father, Dr. Richard Schock of Peoria, told reporters on Wednesday. "Two years from now he’ll be successful because -- if he’s not in jail."

Stewart comically reacted to the doctor's statement before offering a bit of wisdom: 

"Don’t sell him short," Stewart said. "Even if he is in jail, I think he will be successful there as well. He can be the baddest ass in the whole clinker, man. Not only will he cut you, he’s going to Instagram that s***."

Stewart was then joined by the show's "national congressional correspondent," Hassan Minhaj, who said the real victims of the ordeal would be Schock's interns, who will no longer be able to work and travel with a fit and social media-savvy member of Congress.


Stewart last month introduced The Daily Show viewers to Schock's Instagram account.

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