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CVS Responds After Patients Report Delays in Coronavirus Test Results

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As testing for the novel coronavirus increases, CVS Pharmacy said it has seen a delay in receiving test results, acknowledging recent patient reports about extended test result wait times.

CVS said in a statement Tuesday that there has been a an "extremely high demand for tests," which has caused processing backlogs for the company's lab partners.

"Due to these factors, it may take 6-10 days for people to receive their results and, in some instances, our lab partners may take even longer to return results," said Charlie Rice-Minoso, communications consultant for CVS.

When a patient's coronavirus test sample is collected at a CVS Health drive-thru site, the test is sent to an independent lab, Rice-Minoso said. That lab sends the results back to CVS, where staff inform{s) the patient of the results, according to Rice-Minoso.

Morey Curtis Dunbar, a woman recently tested for the coronavirus, said she started to feel sick two weeks ago and was tested for COVID-19 at a CVS Pharmacy.

Dunbar said she was told the results would arrive in six to 10 days, but the wait lasted longer.

"If we are being asked to get tested, we cannot wait weeks," Dunbar said.

After nearly two weeks, Dunbar said she received her negative test results on July 20.

Other individuals have shared stories on social media about waiting for results to return, some claiming the wait has lasted three weeks.

Quest Diagnostics, an independent testing lab, said the company is doing all it can to bring more diagnostic testing to patients.

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