Custard Shop Owner Defends English-Only Ordering Policy

A Milwaukee custard shop owner is defending his English-only ordering policy.

WITI-TV reports the policy at Leon's Frozen Custard became public Tuesday after a Spanish-speaking customer was told by a Spanish-speaking employee that she was only allowed to take his order in English.

Shop owner Ron Schneider says that the policy has been in place for more than a decade.

"We’re not opposed to anything but the problem is you start speaking other languages here I may not have someone on staff who can speak to you," he told NBC Chicago. "The preferred language is English -- kind of because it's America."

Schneider said customers won't be turned away for speaking other languages, however.

"Everyone here has been told to do the very best they can to try to do everything they can to help somebody who has a problem," he said, adding that he doesn't believe the policy should be considered an issue. 

WITI reports the Wisconsin chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens says the policy violates federal labor law. The group is calling for a government investigation.

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