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Cubs Fans Rank Among Most Loyal of MLB Teams

According to Forbes, Cubs fans trailed only Red Sox fans on a list of most loyal MLB fan bases

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Cubs fans who have waited 108 years to win a World series no doubt have a unique sense of loyalty to their favorite team and a new ranking from Forbes has the metrics to prove it.

According to a recent article by Forbes that ranks the top 10 most loyal fan bases of MLB teams, the Chicago Cubs ranked number two on the list.

The rankings are based on “fan consumption metrics” from the last three years and site local television ratings, in-game attendance and fan outreach, according to the article.

Cubs fans have continued to pack the stands at Wrigley since winning the World Series in 2016, having ranked in the top five in attendance every year since the championship and the team’s social media base has reached about 5.9 million followers, more than double what it was three years ago, according to Forbes.

Cubs fans ranked second only to Boston Red Sox fans who placed first in loyalty.

Here’s the full list of the top 10 most loyal MLB fan bases according to Forbes:

10. Braves
9. Phillies
8. Indians
7. Giants
6. Brewers
5. Dodgers
4. Yankees
3. Cardinals
2. Cubs
1. Red Sox

On Wednesday, players across the country reported to the beginning of summer camp ahead of the start of the official 60-game season.

Players will have about three weeks to prepare before the season starts July 23-24.

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