Cubs Coach Chris Young Upbeat After ‘Scary' Episode in Pittsburgh

Cubs coach Young in good spirits after medical scare originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

ST. LOUIS — Cubs bullpen coach Chris Young still doesn’t have a diagnosis for the sudden light-headedness that delayed Thursday’s game in Pittsburgh and sent him to the hospital for tests.

But he was cleared to rejoin the team as it traveled to St. Louis and was in good spirits before Friday’s series opener against the Cardinals.

“It’s a little uncomfortable [not having an answer],” he said. “But we’re back.”

Young, 41, said he “felt great” Thursday before the game and during the first inning until suddenly experiencing a wave of body heat and hives.

“You don’t usually in a 60-second span go from dapping everybody up and feeling like, ‘Let’s get a win’ to looking around for a little bit of help,” said Young, who added that obvious would-be culprits such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration were ruled out.

“I never collapsed, never lost consciousness. I just got really hot and had some hives and some things that were tough,” he said. “Just got [suddenly] really hot and lightheaded for a little bit there.”

He never experienced symptoms like that before, said Young, who seemed embarrassed that they stopped play while he was being treated at the ballpark — and who thanked the Cubs’ and Pirates medical staff.

“It’s really scary to not know what’s going on in that moment, hear the concern in people’s voices, and watch your bullpen kind of run toward a space that you’re blinded [from] and couldn’t really find out what was going on,” manager David Ross said. “It was nice to see that he’s all right; he got all checked out and seems to be not a big concern. It’s nice to have him back.”

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