CTA Worker Dealt Drugs on the Job: Cops

Stovall showed up in court wearing his CTA uniform

Scripps College

It was high time for this bust. 

Cops arrested a Chicago Transit Authority worker this weekend for dealing drugs on the job.

Timothy Stovall, 34, of the 1800 block of South Hawthorne, was caught red-handed selling marijuana at the Wilson Red Line stop Saturday night, said Assistant Cook County's State's Attorney Sean O'Brien.

Someone tipped off police to Stovall's alleged second job, the Sun-Times reports.

Officers didn't find fare cards on the CTA worker but two kinds of green: $396 in cash and $700 worth of weed, said O'Brien.

Stovall allegedly admitted pocketing $200 a day from his side hustle.

He left lockup Sunday still wearing his CTA uniform for his first court appearance.

A judge ordered him held on $30,000 bail.

That comes up to about 15 days of dealing dope to be released.

If he's convicted, his next stop could be prison. 

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