CTA to Rename “Skokie” Yellow Line Station

New Yellow Line stop opening next year prompts name change

A new stop opening this year along the Chicago Transit Authority's Yellow Line is prompting a name change for an existing station.

The Chicago Transit Board has authorized the renaming of the Skokie Swift Yellow Line station from "Skokie" station to "Skokie-Dempster" station.

The village requested the CTA change the name of the station to distinguish it from the new "Oakton-Skokie" station which will be built by the end of the year.

The "Oakton-Skokie" stop is one of two new stations the CTA is adding in the next two years. The other station, scheduled for completion in 2012, will be called "Morgan" station and will provide access to the Green and Pink lines.

Station signage, system maps, and announcements will be updated to comply with these changes according to the CTA.

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