CTA Riders Spared Fare Hikes For 2014

New construction projects also planned for 2014

CTA officials announced Friday that they will freeze fares for the upcoming year, relieving riders' wallets after fare hikes in 2013.

While the prices might not be changing, some changes are in still in store for 2014. CTA will begin building a new terminal at 95th Street and a new Wilson Red/Purple Line station. The construction projects will cost $443 million combined, officials said.

CTA plans to invest an additional $71.2 million on a Ravenswood Connector project for the Brown and Purple lines. They also plan to buy 240 new rail cars and 130 buses, and will overhaul 600 older buses.

The announcements came after CTA revealed its $1.38 billion budget for 2014, which was balanced for the third year in a row, the agency said.

The agency expects total ridership for 2014 to grow up to 534.6 million riders.

A public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 12 at 6 p.m. at CTA headquarters at 567 W. Lake Street.

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