CTA Increasing Service on Busiest Routes

Changes designed to reduce wait time and crowd loads by 10-15 percent

cta train

Your commute is about to get a lot more comfortable.

The Chicago Transit Board approved a plan Wednesday to add bus and train service to some of the busiest bus and train routes in the city.

The plan goes into effect in mid-December, and is designed to reduce overcrowding on CTA buses and trains.

Service will be added to 48 high-demand bus routes and 17 additional rail trips on the Red, Blue, Brown, Purple, Orange and Green lines during weekday rush periods. Weekend servide will also increase on the Red, Brown and Blue Lines.

Officials say its the equivalent of adding $16 million in service, but the expense won't be passed on to taxpayers. Twelve duplicative or low-ridership routes will be discontinued.

The CTA believes the changes will reduce wait time and crowd loads by 10-15 percent.

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