CTA Ignores Calls To Suspend Ventra Rollout

CTA will continue rollout despite frustration from riders and union reps

The CTA has no intention of delaying the Ventra rollout despite calls from union representatives to put the program on hold.

Spokesman Brian Steele said the CTA is holding the vendor accountable for rider concerns, but will not suspend their overall plans.

"System fixes are underway, and legacy systems will remain in place until all unresolved issues are addressed," Steele said.

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 demanded a stop to the Ventra rollout while the kinks are worked out. President Robert Kelly told The Chicago Tribune that angry riders have verbally attacked CTA employees out of Ventra frustration.

Kelly also said riders are mad at the wrong person and encouraged CTA to pull back for the time being.

Steele says the CTA is still determined to make this a smooth transition.

"Because this is new technology, we knew there would be growing pains, which is why we are running the old and new fare media systems simultaneously for many months," Steele said. "We are fully committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure commuters experience the transition they should."

The next phase of the rollout is scheduled for Nov. 15, when Ventra will completely replace Chicago Cards.

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