CTA Fare Hike Goes Into Effect

Getting around Chicago is now a little more expensive for CTA riders.

The Chicago Transit Agency’s 25 cent fare hike went into effect Sunday. It marks the first increase in bus and train fares in eight years.

The CTA’s board approved the increase in December, citing the agency’s $33 million deficit stemming from state budget cuts. CTA officials felt rates should be increased rather than services cut, an alternative that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he did not want to see when discussing the agency’s 2018 budget.

For bus passengers paying with card, fares are now $2.25, up from $2, and $2.50 instead of $2.25 for those paying in cash.

Card fares for train riders went from $2.25 to $2.50 and the monthly Ventra pass rose from $100 to $105.

The plan also includes an increase in reduced fare rides for students and people with disabilities of 10 cents on the bus and 15 cents on the train.

The CTA provides roughly 1.6 million rides each weekday, with the impact of the increase certain to be widespread.

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