CTA Dumping Private Security Guards

CTA employees to replace guards with its own customer-service employees

The Chicago Transit Union is switching directions in its methods of keeping train stations safe.

CTA officials are replacing contract security workers with its own customer service employees, spokesperson Brian  Steele said Monday.

The new employees will be more effective because they will be specifically trained to do CTA work, such as helping with ticket machines, he said.

More than 450 security guards are expected to be replaced with part- and full-time CTA workers.

Officials with the companies currently supplying the CTA with guards, criticize the new plan for safety reasons because the new guards will not be mandated to obtain a state security guard licence.

But CTA reps say the new workers receive two days of security training, which covers terrorism and CTA-specific areas, according to the newspaper.

Last month, the CTA announced that crime on buses and trains was down nearly 25 percent year-over-year thanks, in part, to ramped up video surveillance efforts.

The CTA will keep those high-def cameras, along with canine dogs.

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