‘A Good Blessing': CTA Bus Driver Feeds Homeless on 40th Birthday

A CTA bus driver celebrated his 40th birthday by giving back at a homeless encampment near Lake Shore Drive on Chicago’s North Side.

It’s a situation Cary Gidron says he sees every day as he drives his routes around the city. The part-time pastor, his family and friends brought more than just food Wednesday. Warm clothes and propane to fire the tiny heaters inside the tents were supplied to those in need on Wilson Avenue in the city's Uptown neighborhood.

It wasn’t long ago that Gidron and his family stood at the threshold of homelessness, he says.

“I basically was in these shoes,” he told NBC 5. “I had a family member who actually lived in these shoes. I had an uncle who lived in the streets and I couldn’t take it no more.”

One of those among the encampment, who said her name was Michelle, explained that it’s not an easy life to live.

“I don’t think people understand it, but they can’t grasp living in a tent under a bridge,” she said. “It makes you feel like an animal.”

Gidron says he wants it to be known that homeless people have value and they deserve help.

“We are going to bring a good blessing to these people,” he said before doling out heaps of warm food to those in need.

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