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Cat Recovering After Being Pierced by Arrow

Vet called cat "Bulls Eye," Rescuer prefers "Toughy"



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    Monroe County, Indiana Sheriff's Officei
    A cat from Indiana, Brownie, was found shot through the head with a 13-inch arrow about a year and a half ago.

    A small black cat in Crown Point, Ind., is fighting a bad infection and likely has a long road to recovery after being found with an arrow piercing through his body.

    Mickey and Buckett Pendley told The Times of Northwest Indiana the cat was screaming outside their back door Thursday. 

    "I looked out the window, and I couldn't believe what I saw," said Buckett Pendley.

    The cat, outside in subzero temperatures, had an poking through his front paw after piercing his shoulder and shattering a front leg.

    The couple called a neighbor who is a veterinarian, who rushed the animal to a clinic where he underwent three hours of surgery.

    That neighbor, Jeff Jamrosz, is a clinic assistant at the veterinarian's office and said the arrow may have been embedded for several days.  The cat's leg was saved but the arrow wound has become infected.

    Still, the cat is expected to survive.

    Jamrosz said the cat was shot from above and the shooting may not have been an accident.

    The veterinarian named the cat "Bulls Eye," according to Buckett Pendley.  He prefers to call the cat "Toughy."
    The cat was discovered wearing a collar, but its owner has not yet been located.

    About a year and a half ago, another Indiana cat was found shot through the head with an arrow.  A cat in Buena Vista, Penn., survived an arrow through the eye last October.  And within the last month, other cats have been found shot with arrows in Uniontown, Penn., in Orange County, Fla., and in Scottland.

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