‘This is a Scary Time': Recruitment Fliers for White Supremacist Organizations Found in Chicago Suburb

Two women in Crestwood say they’ve found fliers promoting white supremacist organizations in suburban Crestwood.

A spike in hateful intimidation has been reported in the days and weeks following the contentions presidential election last month. Now, some say it’s out in the open with fliers being placed on windshields in an attempt to recruit people to racist organizations in the area. Police say they have not received any complaints about the fliers and are not currently investigating.

Camille Frazier was leaving a store in Crestwood Wednesday afternoon when she says a man drove by and shouted a racial slur at her.

“[I was] walking to my vehicle, I heard a gentleman yell at me ‘[racial slur] your time is up, know your place.”

When she got to her car she found a flier on her windshield. It was titled “Race and Civilization” and proclaims “history is on our side,” and that it was distributed by the Racial Nationalist Party of America.

“The social climate that we are in right now—I fear for my children—I fear for my own safety,” Frazier said.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, more than 700 incdients of hateful intimidation have been reported since Election Day.

A week after the election, Jaime Gill says she was parked outside a restaurant in Crestwood when she discovered similar fliers on numerous cars in the lot.

“It was literally a flier advertising the Aryan Nation,” Gill said.

One flier detailed the history of the Aryan Nation and the importance of uplifting the white race.

Another includes the writing of convicted felon and white supremacist Matt Hale—who let the East Peoria-based Church of the Creator, now known as Creativity.

The next day Gill says she found application form as well.

“[There was] an application asking people to sign up for the KKK and it was literally chilling to receive such information just blatantly out,” she said.

Frazier said she felt the same way when she found the fliers on her windshield as well.

“Whoever this is that is putting fliers on these vehicles is trying to incite panic and fear amongst us and we have to be aware,” she said. “This is a scary time.”

Both women say they are being more cautions in the area just in case.

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