CPS to Expand International Diploma Program

Chicago Public Schools will create more International Baccalaureate diploma programs in high schools across Chicago, the mayor and his school's chief announced Friday.

“Nothing is more important than the education of our children and students who complete this program have proven its success,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  “Expanding the IB Program to 10 more schools allows us to provide students and families from across the city with another option and another opportunity for a high-quality education.”

Emanuel appeared alongside CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard in a press conference on Friday to announce the new programs, which are scheduled to open fall of 2013. The IB programs will be located in existing neighborhood high schools.

The IB Diploma Program is a comprehensive and challenging college preparatory program for academically advanced and highly motivated students in grades 11 and 12, which has garnered worldwide recognition for its high academic standards. There are currently 13 IB programs in place throughout Chicago.

This announcement comes after University of Chicago released the findings of their new study which shows IB students are 40 percent more likely to attend a four year college. Additionally, the report said about 75 percent of current IB students are African American or Latino, and live in low-income neighborhoods, the majority being first generation college students.

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