‘Would You Have Your Child Eat This?': CPS Teacher Says School Served Student Moldy Food

A Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman said the district is looking into the allegations

A Chicago Public Schools teacher is on a food quality crusade after taking pictures of the moldy meal she says was served to one of her students.

The Hanson Park 7th grader told NBC 5 he was served a very moldy orange during breakfast Monday morning.

“(It was) dark gray, some parts dark blue,” Brian Abarca said of the orange.

Brian’s teacher, Naomi Vazquez, said the problem has been happening for weeks.

“Usually a few minutes after lunch, kids are complaining about stomachaches,” she said.

When Vazquez was about to throw the bad fruit out she snapped some photos and questioned the cafeteria workers.

“Why is this being served to kids?” she recalled asking the workers before throwing the orange in the trash.

She then shared the photos with the school’s administration.

“Would you have your child eat this?” Vazquez said she asked the school’s principal.

The principal, Vazquez said, acknowledged the problem and is following up with parents and cafeteria workers.

A CPS spokeswoman said the district is looking into the allegations.

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