Elementary Students Dismissed Early After Reports of Nausea

Seven students from the same classroom in a West Humboldt Park school were sent home early Thursday after they reported being nauseous.

Phyllis Williams, the grandmother of a 2nd grade student at Leslie Lewis Elementary School, said she received a call from a teacher reporting that the "entire" class was sick after lunch and that students should be picked up.

William said her granddaughter was sick and was vomiting. She suspected food poisoning.

Another parent collecting her son said she saw the list of students signed out sick and said there were at least a dozen names.

Chicago Public Schools officials said the entire school at the same lunch. A school nurse checked out the students and did not find any symptoms, they said.

The entire school, at 1431 N. Leamington Ave., was not dismissed early.

Officials said questions remained unanswered about what made the children ill. They said it could have been lunch, allergies or students mimicking each other.

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