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Mayor Lori Lightfoot, CPS Officials Lay Out Plans for Students as Strike Begins

In an email sent to parents, CPS officials say that school buildings will remain open and meals will be offered to students

As the Chicago Teachers Union prepares to go on strike, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools CEO Dr. Janice Jackson say that school buildings will remain open even as teachers head to the picket line. 

“The safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority and we will keep you updated on the  latest information as it becomes available,” Dr. Jackson said in a statement. 

CPS buildings will remain open to students even as teachers go on strike, and students will be given breakfast and lunch every day during the duration of the work stoppage. Students will also be given snacks to bring home, according to an email sent out to parents on Wednesday.

While students are encouraged to attend their regular school, they will be welcomed at any CPS school that serves their grade level, according to CPS officials.

"Chicagoans are opening up their hearts, their homes, their facilities, and their resources to make sure that CPS students have a welcome, safe place to go during this work stoppage," Mayor Lightfoot said in a Wednesday press conference.  

The CTA will continue to offer free rides to students through the end of the work stoppage, although regular transportation services will not be available.

Students needing nursing support at schools will get it from contract nurses, according to the email.

During Wednesday's press conference, Lightfoot commended the community organizations that have stepped forward to offer their services to students impacted by the teachers' strike. 

"We should call this the 'it takes a village' press conference, because it truly takes a village, and that's reflected in the breadth and depth of people represented here today," Lightfoot said. 

Chicago Park District facilities, Chicago Public Libraries, and Safe Haven sites will be open during the work stoppage. CPS is also offering parents a site locator for other places that students can go during the strike.

The NBC Chicago app has even more resources for parents to utilize in the event of a CTU strike. 

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