CPS Cites Several Charges, Insists Removal of Blaine Elementary School Principal Was ‘Not a Political Decision'

After a two-hour heated community meeting, the Chicago Board of Education's Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson says the removal of Troy LaRaviere, the outspoken principal of Blaine Elementary School, "was not a political decision." 

Parents, students and community activists attended the packed meeting, though LaRaviere did not.

The charges against LaRaviere include ethics violations, insubordination and wrongful use of equipment. CPS spokesperson Emily Bitner said LaRaviere's removal involves a total of 12 charges.

He had received a warning in August 2015 and Jackson told the crowd Monday his removal was a "a disciplinary, legal issue."

The meeting featured chants against Mayor Rahm Emanuel as well as calls to solve the district's budget crisis before dealing with this crisis. Many in the crowd supported LaRaviere, yet some were weary of it being a distraction. 

LaRaviere has been a vocal critic of Emanuel and CPS policies. He's also been politically involved in both Jesus "Chuy" Garcia's campaign for mayor and Bernie Sanders' presidential race. While not clearly identified, it appears one of the charges involves his political work either on Chicago Public Schools' time or with CPS equipment.

LaRaviere has been reassigned to his home. His first hearing -- which is not public -- will be held April 29th. The process may take six to nine months.

In the meantime, Jackson says LaRaviere is still able to run for President of the Principals and Administrators Association. That election will take place in the next few weeks.

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