CPS Announces More Than 1,000 Layoffs

Chicago Public Schools is laying off more than 1,000 people, the district announced Thursday.

CPS said 550 teachers and 600 other members of the Chicago Teachers Union will be effected. The staffing changes are driven by declining enrollment at certain schools, CPS said in a statement.

"Due to enrollment declines at some schools, a total of 550 teachers will be reduced across the District," CPS said. "The teacher impacts announced today represent the lowest number of annual teacher impacts in the last five years."

CPS expects to have about 1,780 teaching positions available this fall because of retirement, resignations and general turnover, as well as increased enrollment at some schools. These positions will be filled before the beginning of the school year, CPS says, and teachers affected by the layoffs can reapply for positions through the Talent Applicant Tracking System.

"CPS will be holding multiple career events this summer to allow impacted teachers to explore new job opportunities," the district said, adding that more than 60 percent of displaced teachers historically have found employment at other CPS schools.

The CTU has not provided a statement response to the layoffs.

Last July, teachers, parents and union officials protested more than 3,000 staff layoffs in two months.

In 2012, thousands of CPS teachers walked off the job after more than a year of slow, contentious negotiations over salary, health benefits and job security.

Students were kept out of classes for seven days before CTU members voted to end the work stoppage.

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