Cows Put a Stop to Major Wisconsin Car Chase: Police

Barron County Sheriff's Department

A long Wisconsin car chase finally came to a sudden halt when the driver was confronted with a large herd of cattle, police said.

The Barron County Sheriff's Department gave credit to its "Bovine Unit" for "jumping into the fray" and stopping a 13-mile car pursuit, which lasted from Barron to Cumberland.

Officers were after a Chevrolet Cavalier, when the driver of the vehicle came before a group of cows at a farm, according to the department's Facebook page.

“That little Cavalier that could during the chase ran out of steam encountering this moooving blockade,” WMTV wrote that the department said. “Job well done tonight crew.”

Police did not note the reason for the chase, but added that no humans nor cows were injured in the incident and the driver is in "lockup" for the night.

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