Court Opens a Door, Closes a Window, Stops a Criminal

Man flees courtroom, attempts escape through window

Think teenagers watch too much TV? At least one Zion proved as much on Wednesday.

Travis Copeland, 19, tried to escape police by jumping out a window at a court room. Unfortunately for him, it was a bulletproof window and he bounced right off.

Copeland, who was in court for violating bond on a disorderly conduct charge, ran out of a Lake County courtroom and made a break for it. He bolted down the courthouse skyway that crosses over Washington Street.

But a few sheriff's deputies were waiting for him at the end of the hall, so Copeland ran back the other way ... only to find more officers after him.

With nowhere left to run, Copeland tried to pull a stunt straight out of an action film. He shoulder-slammed the window, attempting to break through.

But the glass was bulletproof and didn't give way. Instead, Copeland's body just bounced off the window. He staggered a bit, as if in a daze, then lay down on the floor and waited for police to arrest him.

The whole thing was caught on a security camera.

"Usually, incidents happen in the one dead spot where the cameras don't get it. This time, the camera got it," said Lake County Sheriff's Sgt. Bill Werner, reports the Lake County News-Sun.

Werner said this was the first attempted getaway he was aware of in the past year.

When Copeland was returned to the courtroom, his bond jumped from $50,000 to $1.5 million.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and aggravated battery of an officer. Additional charges are expected.

It looks like his window of opportunity was firmly closed.

Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.

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