Stroller Snatchers Nabbed in Lincoln Square

Thrift store owners figure out the scheme

After getting a call from an Andersonville couple saying that someone had taken their high-end stroller from their front porch, a couple of sisters who share a thrift store in Lincoln Square began to wonder.

They had bought two similar strollers from another couple not long before, and as they were piecing things together, they got a call from that same stroller selling couple saying they had another of the Mountain Buggy strollers to sell.

Enter, Chicago Police.

The Sun-Times reports that the alleged thieves, Joe Provencher, 26, and Kira McConnaghey, 28, were filtching baby strollers to support their heroin addictions.

The sisters said they had grown suspicious of the couple prior to that last straw.

"We decided we weren't going to buy anything else [from them] because, honestly, how many strollers can one family have?" one of them said.

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