Ad Warning: Booze Tax May Cost Chicago Olympics

A beverage trade organization is urging Gov. Pat Quinn to veto an alcohol tax increase currently awaiting his signature, suggesting that the tax hike could jeopardize Chicago's chance of hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The American Beverage Institute has taken out full page ads in Wednesday's Chicago Sun-Times and State Journal-Register in Springfield, advising the governor to "Be the gold medal winner ... Save our Olympic bid."  Take a look at the ad here.

The organization contends that the proposed increase in alcohol taxes would cost the state thousands of jobs and hurt tourism.

"A massive new tax on alcohol," the ad warns, "could not be a worse idea, at a worse time."

The organization says the proposed increase would mean Chicago taxes would be 77 percent higher than even New York City.

"Having a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene is an important component of Chicago's bid to be recognized as a world class city capable of hosting the Olympics," the ads declare. "If this alcohol tax goes through, Chicago will become a significantly less attractive candidate for the 2016 Olympics"

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