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Coronavirus One Year Later: What You Would Tell Yourself Pre-COVID

What was the last normal thing you did before the stay-at-home order? What would you tell yourself then? In the video below, NBC Chicago viewers reflect on the life they knew before everything drastically changed for the world a year ago.

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A year ago on March 20, the coronavirus pandemic forced the state of Illinois to "stay at home," emptying streets, clearing office buildings and eviscerating toilet paper shelves at grocery stores across the state.

NBC Chicago asked you to recall the moment the pandemic altered your life and what you would tell yourself about the year to come if you could transport yourself back to March 2020. You looked back through your phone's camera roll and sent us photos of the last pre-COVID things you did.

The results of your answers, shown in the above video, reflect the instant changes the pandemic made to the lives of so many. Your photos of pre-coronavirus normalcy show how much was altered in its wake.

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