Coronavirus in Illinois: A Day in the Life During the Pandemic

A day's worth of experiences from different perspectives during the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic looks different for everyone, even as we're all affected by it.

Some have been infected with the virus, or tested negative for it or known someone who contracted it. Some returned to work, many continue to stay home.

The pandemic left businesses closed, employees furloughed, children away from schools, and hospital workers put under some of the most stressful circumstances of their lives.

Pregnant mothers worry about giving birth in a hospital, small business owners juggle bills and the livelihoods of their staff, and parents struggle to teach and keep their jobs.

We hear these stories in passing as numbers of cases, positivity rates and unemployment metrics guide the daily ebb and flow of this dreadful plot line.

Yet it's these stories -- these people -- that will endure. Meet a few of them below, read their stories and hear about a single day in their lives amid a pandemic.

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