Coronavirus Cases Soaring in Wisconsin, State Likely to Pass Indiana in Total Cases

This past Friday, Wisconsin reported its highest new-case record ever, with 2,504 cases that day

Wisconsin saw a slight bit of good news Monday, a one-day drop in coronavirus cases after four consecutive days when at least 2,000 new cases were reported.

State health officials on Monday reported 1,726 new cases, a welcome drop from 2,217 new cases one day earlier.

Throughout September, Wisconsin has seen a soaring number of cases as well as positivity rates. In the weeks following July 21, 1,000-plus daily cases remained rare in Wisconsin, until Sept. 9 through 14 when more than 1,000 cases were reported each day in a row, according to an NBC 5 Investigates analysis.

Just four days later, the state broke another milestone when it topped 2,000 cases on Sept. 17. Since then, the state logged 2,000-plus cases on seven out of eleven days. The remaining four days all topped 1,000 cases each - this happened in a state that never saw new cases reach 1,000 for the first four months of the pandemic.

This past Friday, Wisconsin reported its highest new-case record ever, with 2,504 cases that day.

Meanwhile, the state's positivity rate continues to soar. On Friday it was an already-high of 16.5%, and as of Monday, the rate was 18.2%.

The state's new daily case rate continues to climb as well, standing at 37 new cases for every 100,000 residents as of Monday. The current number is nearly three times the maximum allowed by many states before a quarantine is required, and more than twice over the threshold of Chicago's Emergency Travel Order.

As of Monday, the state appears to be on track to overtake Indiana in terms of total cases.

Over the course of the pandemic, 117,598 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Wisconsin while a total of 118,322 have been reported in Indiana.

It's likely Wisconsin's cases will outnumber Indiana's beginning on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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