Cops Catch Coach Shooter

Coach Hill recovering at home

Police have caught the troubled teen who shot his baseball coach.

On Sunday 21-year-old pitcher Deangelo Williams, playing in a league designed to help young  men avoid violence, became upset when his coach, Glynn Hall, wouldn't bat him because of a low batting average. After arguing, the man retrieved a semi-automatic handgun from his car and opened fire on his coach.

Initially the man escaped, but police said they knew who they were looking for. Cops charged Williams this morning with attempted murder in the first degree. He'll be arraigned today.

The coach, 44-year-old Glynn Hall, was recovering at home Monday. He suffered four gunshot wounds, according to the Sun-Times, in the neck, back and arm. Two of the bullets are still lodged in his body, the Trib reports.

A man familiar with the youth league said the shooting is shocking because the suspected shooter, who remains unnamed, had a close relationship with Hall.

"Everybody was wondering why they were arguing because nothing should have been wrong," J.C. McDowell founder of the National Adult Baseball Association's Chicago Community League told the Sun-Times. "We later found out he wanted to bat and Glynn wouldn't let him because his average was low."

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