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O Goody: Olympic Flight Gets Swag Bags

Hats, t-shirts and pins round out bag o' tricks



    O Goody: Olympic Flight Gets Swag Bags

    When the Olympics delegation supporters climbed into their chartered Boeing 747 to Copenhagen, they found a little gift waiting in their seats: an Olympic goody bag.

    The white tarp bag, reading "Chicago 2016 Copenhagen" in large red letters, was stuffed with, well, goodies.

    "A hat, a t-shirt, a pin," came the report, filed by Blackberry, from an NBC informant lucky enough to grab a seat on the flight.

    Other items included chocolates from Garrett's, a personal message from United President Glenn Tilton, and ... Purell Hand Sanitizer?

    Peek Inside Team Chicago's Olympic 747

    [CHI] Peek Inside Team Chicago's Olympic 747
    Take a peek inside the special 747 decked out for Chicago's Olympic delegates as the flight left for Copenhagen Monday night.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009)

    Well. Winning the Olympic bid can be dirty work. Just ask Salt Lake City.

    The source then fell silent, either unable or unwilling to confirm any details.

    So that was the bag booty in business class. But up in the rarefied air of first class, Olympic supporters were treated to additional memorabilia.

    "Goody bag has jacket, pants, shirt, hat and pins and stuff!" read the email from another in-plane mole. "The vibe feels good."

    Could be because the plane's chock full of Olympians. Or, as our source explained:

    "Hoop Olympian David Robinson is two rows behind me and I can see his feet!"

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