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COPA Releases Video of Man Shot and Killed by Police After Officer Shot in Brighton Park

Chicago's Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Friday released police body camera footage of a shooting in which a gunman was killed by police last month after shooting both a police officer and a Home Depot security guard.

On March 25 in the 2400 block of West 46th Street, Chicago police officers encountered a man who was believed to have shot a security guard after being confronted for suspected shoplifting.

As captured on newly-released body camera video, one officer says "he's running, he's running" just before the officer and his partner exit their patrol vehicle in pursuit of the suspect.

One officer goes through a gate to an alley, enters the suspect's view, and shortly after, one shot is heard, as shown in the footage.

"I'm shot, I'm shot," the officer says, as he goes to lay down in a walkway adjacent to the alley. That officer was released from the hospital the same night of the shooting.

Body camera video from another officer shows he and his partner in their vehicle, responding to the call of the other officer who had been shot. The officers exit their patrol vehicle, and approximately 10 seconds later three shots ring out.

"Shots fired! Shots fired! He's shooting," officers say, moments after shots were fired.

Officers plead with the suspect multiple times to put the gun down, with one officer saying, "Put the ******* gun down, it's not ******* worth it."

A short time later, at least two officers enter a nearby yard, go near a fence, and one of the officers stands up on a chair, appearing to look over the fence. Then, three shots ring out, as heard in the video.

Approximately six seconds later, three more shots are heard as an officer says, "I got him, I got him!" The officer then goes to the backyard where the suspect was located as multiple other officers attended to his injuries. The suspect, identified as Travon Chadwell, was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead on arrival, Chicago police previously said.

As part of COPA's investigation, body camera videos from more than dozen officers, third-party footage, nine 911 calls and audio of ShotSpotter alerts were released Friday.

NBC 5 has not independently verified the police account of events.

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