Cop Watched CVS Strangle

Despite tape, witnesses, cops contradict

Chicago police confirm that an off-duty correctional officer watched as a CVS employee strangled a shoplifter to death, according to surveillance tape. 

As Anthony Kyser struggled for breath, the unidentified off-duty officer identified herself and dialed 911, Lt. Maureen Biggane told the Sun-Times. Then waited for an ambulance to arrive and then left before police arrived.  
Witnesses and sources who’ve seen the tape tell a different story. They say the female officer drew her weapon and told Kyser to stop struggling, then waited for police to show up and told officers the whole thing was Kyser’s fault.
Other witnesses told the Sun-Times that the officer never told the CVS employee to release his grip.
Biggane said the surveillance video appears to contradict these claim, but that because there’s no sound on the tape no one can be certain what was said.
CVS has suspended the employee who strangled Kyser. 

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