Cook County Jail Reports Additional Positive Coronavirus Tests

Three inmates have tested positive for the virus, as have two correctional officers

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Officials with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department have reported that a third inmate has tested positive for coronavirus, and a second correctional officer has also tested positive.

According to a press release Tuesday, a 47-year-old detainee is being hospitalized after testing positive for the virus. The man has been in custody since Oct. 2018, according to the sheriff’s department.

A total of 28 detainees in the custody of the Department of Corrections have been tested for COVID-19, according to the release. Three of those detainees have returned positive test results, while a fourth tested negative for the virus.

The department is still awaiting test results on the other 24 inmates.

Staff are closing monitoring detainees living in the same unit as the individuals who tested positive, and will continue to test detainees who are symptomatic.

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