Consumer Cuts Losses With Riding Mower

There is no doubt a riding lawnmower can be essential to homeowners who would prefer not to push a mower over their yards.

That’s what brought Pat Boehm of Addison to a local home improvement store, where he purchased a Husqvarna riding lawnmower.

But after one year, Boehm said the hum of the motor and blades was interrupted by a squealing noise.

The riding lawnmower was still under the manufacturer’s warranty, so Boehm was directed to take it to an authorized repair shop. A month later, there was still no official diagnosis.

Boehm said mechanics later requested a fee to tear apart the motor.

“Everywhere I turn, each company is pointing the finger at another person stating they are the one that should help me, but nobody is,” Boehm wrote to NBC 5 Responds. “At this point, I simply want my money back.”

NBC 5 Responds reached out to Husqvarna. The company took a closer look at the repairs and determine a faulty clutch, among other things, was causing the problem.

A Husqvarna spokesperson apologized for the repair delay and offered to replace Boehm’s riding lawnmower with the same model.

“We strive for our customers to have a precise and exact conclusion reached in a timely manner,” the spokesperson said.

While Boehm declined a replacement, he returned his machine for a refund of $2,050.92.

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