Worker Dies In Paving Machine Accident

Chicago Fire Department officials say a construction worker at a job site at 62nd and May has died after an accident with a piece of heavy paving machinery.

Fire Department officials said the 42-year-old man became trapped in the paving machine around 12:45 p.m. Rescue crews were working to extract the body from the machine.

"I was inside the house and heard screaming," witness Jeremy Graden said. "He was trying to kick the rocks under the machine and it hooked to his pants leg and drug him up under there."

The victim worked for a company called GA Paving. Co-workers stayed at the scene as crews attemted to move the heavy piece of equipment.

Wayne Hoebbel said he knew the victim for 17 years, and he made a lasting impression on everyone he worked with.

"We're mourning the loss of a good employee," Hoebel said. "Very strong man, very smart man. Good family man."

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